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Family Council Education & Networking

Family Councils Ontario (FCO) supports the development and maintenance of Family Councils by educating Council members on issues related to Family Councils and Long-Term Care as well as supporting networking opportunities.

Family Council education sessions are offered by FCO throughout the year in various locations across the province. Educational resources are available on a variety of topics such as starting a Family Council, The Long Term Care Homes Act and transitioning to Long-Term Care.

FCO also offers a variety of presentations and workshops for Family Councils.

Family Council networking meetings are organized and hosted by Family Councils or Family Council Networks with support from FCO.

Family Councils Ontario encourages Councils in a community or region to gather together, giving members an opportunity to meet other Family Councils and:

  • Share experiences
  • Explore areas of common concern
  • Learn about topics of common interest
  • Create community partnerships

Each meeting usually has a guest speaker and/or presenter who addresses a topic of interest identified by the Family Councils in the area. To name but a few of the interesting themes that have been covered in the past year, meeting topics have included:

  • presentations by The Long-Term Care Task Force on Resident Care and Safety
  • a workshop on ways of making the most of your visit with your relative,
  • information concerning wound care and,
  • a presentation on what to think about if you are buying a mobility device for your family member

Participants tell us that that these meetings are very important. They leave the meeting with new ideas, feeling inspired and enthusiastic about their Family Council, and with new understandings of various issues and changes that are affecting long-term care. While sitting with other Family Councils you can compare experiences and think about strategies that can help you in your Home.

Some Family Council members have taken leadership in their communities or their Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) by organizing networking meetings on an ongoing basis. These meetings can create a regional network of Family Councils that work together to promote Family Councils in their region. Some Family Councils invite Councils from long-term care homes in their town or City creating a local, community based support network or ‘cluster’ of Councils. To connect with or find out more about a Family Council Network or Cluster group in your area access the database of Family Councils and Family Council Groups.

Please check out the updates and events page on this website to find out if there is an upcoming gathering of Family Councils in your area.

Use the LHIN locator to find out what region you are in.

How about having your Family Council host a meeting?

If you would like to host a Family Council meeting or a related activity, visit our Contact Us page.