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COVID-19 Resources

This page contains links to COVID-19 resources prepared by our government & sector partners.


Visiting your loved ones in care homes during COVID-19 (Therapeutic Recreation Ontario)

This resource was created by Therapeutic Recreation Ontario to provide information and support on family visits in LTC homes.


How to support individuals living with dementia

A new resource that has just been released by the BSO Provincial Coordinating Office:

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Support Individuals Living with Dementia Maintain Isolation Precautions
This new provincial resource provides clinical teams evidence informed, practical, creative and skillful non-pharmacological strategies to consider when:

  1. An Individual Living with Dementia is Entering Rooms of Others on Isolation Precautions

  2. An Individual Living with Dementia is on Isolation Precautions 


Decision aids

This new resource from the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) can help you think through if you should move your family member out of a long-term care home. Download the guide here.





Two new decision aids are now available from to help families and residents with the very difficult decision about whether or not to remove a family member from a retirement home or a long-term care setting given the COVID-19 pandemic. These decision guides were developed by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa, and the National Institute on Aging.  Both decision aids are now available on the following website:



Other tools

BrainXChange resources These COVID-19 resources were collected in collaboration with Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO).

COVID-19 Specific Scams and Frauds from CanAge

Ministry COVID-19 FAQs in English and French (April 10 2020)

Basic COVID-19 information in various languages (from the US, so there may be differences in terminology)

COVID Seniors Frauds and Scams Tool just launched - EAPO and CanAge

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) - Frequently asked questions and information from the Patient Ombudsman Office

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care: Guidance for the Health Sector

Durham Region: COVID 19 Protections for LTC Residents, Famillies, and Staff FAQs

Health Innovation Network: Activities for Older Adults During COVID-19

Ontario Association Residents of Councils: Covid 19 Bulletins

Wishstone Presentation Slide Deck: Compassionate End of Life Planning & Care Support

FCO Presentation Slide Deck: Beacons of Hope: Inspiring Famillies Amidst Covid-19

FCO & OARC Presentation: Slide Deck for Courageously Living Through Covid-19 Together: Residents & Famillies

FCO & OARC Presentation: Supporting Q&A Document

FCO Blog: Journaling through Social & Physical Distancing

FCO Blog: Self Care Strategies

Past issues of FCO COVID-19 Updates