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Communication and information sharing materials

Best Practices: Moderating Facebook Groups & Discussions

More and more Councils are using technology to continue to keep in touch and practice peer support. This resource is intended to share strategies to create and maintain effective Facebook Groups for Family Councils. Download it here.


Family Council Activities During COVID-19

COVID-19 triggered a disruption in the ways that Family Councils work. This resource is intended to provide ideas to help your Council continue its work through the pandemic. Download it here.


Ideas from families on reopening LTC homes to visitors

To help plan for the reopening of long-term care homes to essential family caregivers and visitors, FCO is working with the Ministry of Long-Term Care and other sector partners by providing input and ideas from families.

We started this process many weeks ago by telling leaders at the Ministry of Long-Term Care (LTC) that families are missing their loved ones and want to see a plan developed that will enable them to re-enter LTC homes as soon as it is safe.

Next, we solicited your thoughts and ideas through an open call for feedback first released on May 14th. Between May 14 and May 25, FCO received over 100 emails and calls from families sharing their thoughts and ideas on reopening long-term care homes to family visitors. You can read a summary of that feedback here.


Quick 10 tools

We understand how difficult and stressful the current visitor restrictions and social distancing measures are on residents and families of a long-term care home. Our team of professionals representing diverse stakeholders in the long-term care sector are actively developing resources to empower families.

We have developed two new tools to help you and your home communicate effectively:

The quick 10 for homes communicating with families tip sheet is a resource that long-term care homes can use to quickly identify what information families need to know. The topics are based on what we've heard from families and includes items such as the current number of COVID-19 cases, staffing situation, and virtual visits and window visits program. We suggest that your home provide updates on what has changed or stayed the same within each topic. Post and share the information widely to keep families informed.

The aim of the Family Supporter Check-in resource is to provide families with a series of questions to post to the staff at their loved ones long-term care home to get a sense of how their loved one is doing. During this difficult time, we and others may find it difficult to collect our thoughts. The Check-in resource can help you do just that.

Communication tools

Keeping Families in the Loop: Bridging Conversations through Mindful Communication with Families provides some examples for LTC Homes to employ when conveying details about the effects of COVID-19, the policies and procedures in place and overall desired communication strategies when speaking with families. Download it here.

Pandemic Priorities: Questions for Families to Consider Amidst COVID-19 provides questions for families to consider when speaking to front-line staff at LTC Homes. Download it here.